Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All is fair in love and war... right?

Boy life can be complicated. In matters of the heart it’s a wonder the human species has lasted so long. This is going to be a day she remembers. Not only is it St. Patties day, but it is also the elusive day she found pictures of a random naked girl on her “live in” boy friends camera… that’s enough to make any girls heart sink.
The Story told to me on the drive to work:
He stumbled home to there little townhome at 4 AM. He was last seen leaving Saints- a local watering hole in Lenexa Kansas, at 1 AM. ~K~ woke up, looking for cigarettes she dug through her boyfriends pockets and saw the camera. Interested in his where about last night, she sifted through hoping to see familiar faces. But to her dreaded astonishment only saw a pair of naked breasts. WTF. His story was that the bar had “sofas” and she stole his camera. That there was a bar fight he was witness to, and had to go to the station for his statement. Mystified and trying to hunt down the truth my best friend calls me, curious on gathering more information. True to my form, I call the bar he was allegedly at, speak with the bar manager, and asked if there was 1.A sofa there… or any furniture that could be misinterpreted as a sofa in a picture. And 2. If there was a bar fight resulting in policemen and repots. Giggling at my questions and a bit curious himself, he said… “Nope… it was karaoke night… and a Tuesday. It was calm and low key.”
Clearly his story… had no facts in it at all. So what’s a girl to do?
I would typically interject at this moment and say this is why I’m glad to be married, but alas, us hitched folks have troubles of our own as well. I didn’t. I was just as shocked as she was… although I must admit I’ve never been particularly fond of this beau in her life. I was speechless from his demise. 
However, the question that keeps plaguing my mind is this-
All is fair in love and war? True or False?

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