Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Recall Disaster!

Last week I got the dreaded notice sent via snail mail to check all of my daughters toys, furniture, bedding, etc, to make sure that nothing was recalled. Of course, I go in straight for the first thing... the biggest item... the crib. It was received as a generous gift from an aunt, lived through a few years of use, and now we were bestowed with it- this gorgeous Jardine Enterprises Cherry finish drop side crib. And it was recalled... IN 2007!!!
I went in to my daughters room, and stared at this crib that has in moments become the bane of my existence. F**K!
However, 5 days, a two hour wait and babies r us, a steadfast debate on availability and pricing, online line vs store, "customers always right", and price matching... we were able to get... drum roll please... MY DREAM CRIB!!!! A Delta Soho Ebony finish crib, that is not only light but sturdy, easy to assemble and convertible.
After a quick baby room make over, my daughter is a sassy little diva in her bedroom made for a princess. =)

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