Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ergh... is it over yet?

Its 7 AM. I have an over active daughter yelling “mo, ma, mo, ma, mom, mom, mom, MOM!!” escalating with more conviction each syllable. As I lay tangled in my bed amidst a thousand tissues, my head pounds with a furious vengeance paying me back for something I didn’t do. No this pain is not self-induced, there was no tequila party, no Jell-O shots, no dancing the night away. Nope… I hold no fond memory of why my body would torture me so, and this is all because I caught the flu.
Here’s the preface:
Like any good parent, it was my daughters check up, my HEALTHY family packed up and ventured down to our local doctors office, to measure A’s height, weight, etc. Three days later, my daughter develops the sniffles… a day later, the sniffles turned into Niagara falls on her face, two days later a wet cough, and another day later, I’m sitting with a sick child BACK at the doctors office. Her doctor decides without seeing her, that she has RSV… a upper respiratory virus 1 in 2 children get it before the age of 2. She then asks these series of questions, “does the baby go to day care?”… No. “is she around a lot of strangers?” no. “do you have a lot of guests over?” no. “Do you take her shopping frequently”… no. As she glared at me, for the first time making eye contact since she entered the room, she sneered and said with broken English, “well she has it now. I say so.”
… Okay….
I must admit first I was just concerned about my daughter being sick, will she be okay, what do we do now… The doctor played out a million scenarios of how terrible this virus is and the many things that could go wrong. We were told to leave and come back a day later. Only to be told again, that now she has an ear infection. Fantastic. Every time I go to this place, things get worse. Now please let me state that I would normally have no suspicion about this place, except we just switched to this doctor and her facility. A’s wellness check up was the first time seeing this doctor, and suddenly an every two month visit has turned into every few days. This momma is concerned.
So now, here I am miserable, laying in bed with throbbing pain… A sick daughter that has the energy of the energizer bunny, and the patience of my mother… 0. Then something catches my eye… creeping doom! I’ve been out of commission for two days, TWO days, and somehow the laundry looks like it hasn’t been touched in a week, and the dishes… lord the dishes… my kitchen looks like tornado blew threw it.
Me O my… I know they say husbands are their to help with the slack but with cookie crumbs leading to his favorite spot on the sofa, and his clothing left where he took it off… my home looks like a bachelor pad. Messy. With baby accessories strung everywhere. I’ve got my work cut out for me… and I still feel like shit!

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